Global Computing Ltd was formed in 1988 and has, since that time has successfully provided a wide range of IT services and related products. It is now a well-known and respected Channel Island company.
Originally placing itself as a “one stop” IT solution provider Global offered the following core services:-

  • Bespoke software creation
  • Sage accounting system installation and configuration
  • Sage accounting customisation and add-on programming
  • Hardware sales
  • Hardware support and maintenance
  • Networking design, installation and support
  • E-commerce and website creation and hosting
  • Payroll and HR software
  • Personnel intranet solutions
  • Consultancy

Global has constantly striven to streamline its operation and focus on its key skills and products.
The website/e-commerce division was sold a number of years ago as it was felt that this market was well served by players of all sizes and increasingly web creation was done with standardised content managed systems. We do, however, still work with the company who took on this aspect of our work and provide some back office e-commerce solutions. We can also assist our clients with websites/e-commerce in partnership with the new company when required.
We successfully sold the hardware/hardware services division in 2011. This has allowed us, since that time, to move our focus purely to our software related services and activities.
We are now fully focused on:-
HR and payroll software
We have a large client base of all industry types using our software for HR, payroll and self-service intranet.

These focus around the following main products.
Profile SBE – Providing a simple HR and payroll solution. The payroll module provides processing options for Guernsey and Jersey. This runs on a simple database system and can normally be installed quickly on Microsoft Windows computers up to and including Windows 8. The system also has an add-on electronic payslips module for sending employee payslips via secure password protected PDF email. The package is ideal for companies with simple requirements and up to around 5 networked users. The program is successfully installed and running for clients on standalone PC’s networks and with private “Cloud” hosting. Please see Appendix C for more details on this package.

Profile Enterprise – Providing a more advanced HR and payroll solution based around the larger Microsoft SQL Server database server. The payroll module provides processing options for Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man. Import options are available for UK processing and other jurisdiction processing can be added should client needs arise.
This requires a slightly more specialised setup but is ideal for larger clients or for solutions provided via “cloud” computing. The system also has an add-on electronic payslips module for sending employee payslips via secure password protected PDF email.
Enterprise is also ideal for larger companies with more complex requirements and many users. The system is successfully installed and running for clients on standalone PC’s, Corporate and local networks or with Cloud hosting.
As well as integrated Guernsey, Jersey and Isle of Man payroll modules, Profile Enterprise includes a routine allowing UK payroll processing data to be imported. This feature has been developed allowing clients with UK employee requirements to store all the HR data, make use of the intranet and import processing data for reporting.
The system also incorporates the fully linked (optional) self-service intranet system. This allows employees to manage many HR related tasks via a simple web browser. Features include the management of holiday and other absence requests, overtime requests, contact and other personal details management and other financial data. Most items can be controlled by user, line manager and HR administrator. This product greatly reduces the workload of HR departments and enables employees to manage many tasks themselves. Additional modules are being added including CPD management in the next release.

Global has also developed a full accounting system. The decision to produce our own system was primarily due to issues with the third party systems previously supplied. These systems were found to either be too restricted in speed, functionality, reliability or cost. Also many packages did not provide the ability to adjust or tailor the features as required by most clients. It had also been found, after working with many commercial providers over a number of years, that the products would often be withdrawn or upgraded requiring re-development on a regular basis. Many clients did not wish to have to re-deploy the systems as providers changed versions or features. With the new system Global is able to add features and control releases as required. We have deployed the system to accountancy, retail and transport based businesses.

Global have developed some add-on modules for this system including a freight management module, specialised financial reporting and a trust and company version including time recording and billing


Point of Sale

The system includes a point of sale and back office stock and ordering system. This software has  been successfully deployed to our client base and includes many sophisticated features.


Payroll Processing Bureau Services

Over the last few years Global has begun to build up a bureau processing client base. This has partly been by request directly from clients to manage and process this aspect of their business where Global has considerable expertise. We are particularly well placed to offer this service as we are able to also offer specialised data imports, reports or additional bespoke modules. We offer bureau setups where we run the system installed on the clients own network, where it is on a “cloud” based system or fully run by us in-house.
Bespoke Software
Global provide some specialist software systems developed for States trading boards, mail order software, home insurance, healthcare and booking systems.


Due to the business experience gained in business and IT systems, Global are well placed to provide consultancy and advice to any clients on systems and business processes.