Feasability Studies by Global Computing Guernsey

Are your business plans on track?

If you need the assurance that your concept for an application is both technically and financially viable, feasibility studies can help you in making those decisions prior to making the investment in development.

We can help you find the answers you need to make that all important “Go/No-Go” decision whether it\’s destined for commercialisation or it’s an application to improve the efficiency of your own business.

 What is the technical perspective

  • Do you know what it’s going to take to build your application?
  • Is your idea technically feasible?
  • Are the technologies in place to bring your concept to life?
  • What are your technical options and tradeoffs for implementation?
  • What kind of budget and timetable do you need for your application?
  • What’s the best way to architect and design your solution given your requirements?
  • How will you technically distinguish yourself?

The broader issues of bringing your concept to market

  • If you’re taking your product to market, what is the competitive climate?
  • How reachable is your target market?
  • What are the venues for reaching them?
  • How do you distinguish yourself in the market to find your distinct voice and brand?
  • What kind of budget will you need to gain traction in your market?
  • What’s your strategy and plan for reaching your market? Does it play well across all avenues, the web, email, print and packaging?

We can secure and provide the right people to assist you in answering these questions.

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